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Crisis Planning for Disabilities
and Special Needs
Limited Time Offer: Access Crisis Planning for Disabilities and Special Needs
 Action Plan with your membership to Campus Safety HQ 
(Just $1 for a seven day trial, $47/mo after that)
This Special Needs course was prepared by the security experts at Safe Havens International.  Part of an award winning training series, this video has been used by schools across the country to guide staff through the process of identifying those who may need special assistance and how to design a formal plan to use before, during and after an emergency situation on campus.  This course teaches you:
  •   The importance of planning for special needs during an emergency
  •   Basic things schools can do to prepare
  •   Ways to create an individual preparedness plan and improve existing plans
  •   How to prepare students using trial drills
PLUS BONUS SEGMENT: “Meet Mackenzie” – a documentary about a special needs student